We Are A Certified Google Partner Marketing Agency

Google Ads Partner Digital Marketing Agency

We are proud to share that “Keepers Digital” is a certified Google Partner agency!

What is a Google Partner Agency?

Being a Google Partner signifies that a company has multiple employees who are certified in Google Ads, continuously meet Google’s performance standards, show growth in client base, and participate in ongoing training. To remain in good standing with the Google Partner program, we demonstrate to Google that we are maximizing our client’s budgets, making regular changes to optimize their campaigns, and continually delivering excellent service.

How do you become a certified Google Partner?

Google awards the Google Partner badge to an agency that meets rigorous standards for advertising and product knowledge. To become an official partner, an agency must pass Google Ads product certification exams and demonstrate competency in Google tools.

Why should you choose a Google Partner agency?

Google Partner agencies have the knowledge required to provide their clients with the best Google Ads services. Google Partners stay up to date on any changes and are required to recertify regularly to ensure they continue to follow best practices. Moreover, Google Partners can test and use new features for up to a year or more before it’s available to anyone else, meaning exclusive access to Beta features that can be implemented on your campaigns and give you an advantage over your competitors.

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A Certified Google Partner Agency