How To Run Google Ads For High-Ticket Services Lead Generation

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There are a million different ways to run Google Ads for a business. Whether it is to drive sales for a small eCommerce store, or to drive sign-ups for a software subscription, the strategy deployed will vary, and the methodology behind the campaign optimizations will be different as well. One of the trickiest things to run Google Ads and search engine marketing (SEM) in general in a measurably profitable way, is for high-ticket professional services. Here is a sneak peak into the methodology behind how to run profitable Google Ads for businesses that fit this description. From our experience, this is the best way to run PPC for many businesses including: high-ticket software, web and software development development, law firms, dental clinics, medspa clinics, renovations, construction, etc.

Which Type of PPC Advertising Works Best for High-Ticket Lead Generation?

For the vast majority of professional service businesses, Google & Microsoft Ads are going to be the best advertising channel for them. Using Paid Search campaigns on Google & Bing allows these businesses to specifically show ads at the top of the search results – but only when people are literally looking for them. By doing this, they are targeting people right when they are looking for them, right where they offer their services or solutions. Unlike paid social channels like Facebook or Instagram Ads, you can target people based on their intent in the way they search, not just their interests or audience category. For many niche services, people do not research them much unless they are looking for work, and it usually leads to a cheaper cost per lead (CPA) than most other digital marketing channels and platforms.

How to Pick the Right Keywords to Targeting High-Ticket Leads With Google Ads?

When you are choosing the keywords to target for your marketing campaign, make sure to do keyword research using the Google Ads keyword planner, SEMrush or AHrefs, your own Google Search Console account, or the suggestions right on Google Search Engine Results page (SERP). By doing this, you can develop a strong keyword list of terms that people who are looking for your business with a high-level intent would be using to include in your Google Ads campaign. The best keywords are always the ones that indicate that someone is ready to buy and just needs someone to buy from. The second priority terms are terms describing your service indicating that someone is doing their research about your high-ticket offering, and the lowest priority keywords ads those that are loosely related to your business and what you sell.

How to Write Ad Copy for Your Google Ads Campaign for a High-Ticket Service?

Writing a good ad copy for PPC is an art, and it should be different according to the platform you are advertising on. For SEM ads in this case, you want your ad copy to be very clear about what you do before and above anything else. When people are frantically searching on Google for the services you provide and they come across your ad, the first thing you want them to know is that they do exactly what they are looking for. Next, you want to make sure that your ad copy is engaging and encourages them to click on your ad. There are many things you can include in your ads to accomplish this, including urgency prompts, scarcity prompts, a creative call-to-action, or value-statements in headlines and descriptions. Just remember that when it comes to high-ticket services and SaaS tools, people are most certainly going to compare your brand against your competitors, so you want to make sure your ad copy compares you to them in a favorable way.

How Do You Set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking for High-Ticket Services?  

There are three layers to the answer of this question.

  • The first and most obvious is that we need to track every call and inquiry that you receive from your ads. This is the basis of being able to make adjustments based on what is working and what is not within your paid search campaigns. This can often involve using Google Tag Manager to conversion tracking, Google Analytics, call tracking software, or other conversion SaaS tools that improve visibility into who is contacting your business from ads.

  • Make sure your attribution settings paint an accurate picture of what the path is that leads are following to land on your business website and fill out your form or call you. Sometimes additional tools are needed for this stage including TripleWhale, Segment, FactorsAi or any variety of others.

  • Track qualified leads as conversions in addition to all leads. As the marketer, you want to be able to see now only what drove lead volume, you also want to be able to see what is driving qualified leads who actually represent your ideal customer. This is a process that is typically a setup that depends on the technology stack of your business, but it can and should always be done. This is usually best done with integrations between Google Ads and a CRM tool, as well as using specialized call tracking software tools such as CallRail, CallTracking Metrics or Nimbata.

By making sure that you have your Google Ads account integrated with your CRM and other tools properly, you are able to track not only inquiry conversions, but also qualified leads. The data on your qualified leads can be re-routed back into your Google Ads account so that you can tell your campaigns toward showing ads to (and acquiring) more people who are similar to the people who are clearly shown to be your ideal customers.

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make in their Google Ads campaigns is that they do not tailor their strategy toward their specific and unique needs. There is a lot of information about Google Ads on the web, but the majority of it does not apply to every business. To succeed in advertising high-cost consulting services using Google Ads, make sure the way you structure your campaigns matches what a win looks like for your unique business. Some businesses want lead volume, and some want specific, unique people contacting them. Here are a few businesses we have managed ads for who fit this profile:

  • High-end services such as web development, or software consulting.
  • Law firms with high service prices in the range of $5k-$100k.
  • Clinics with services such as dentistry, neuropsychology, optometry and ophthalmology.
  • Construction and renovations companies providing services of $10k up to $200k.

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