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Natalie P.
Natalie P.
I'm thrilled with the experience I've had working with Keepers Digital Marketing, a PPC marketing agency that specializes in Google and Facebook Ads. They've truly made a difference in our online advertising efforts. From the get-go, Keepers showed their expertise in this field. We teamed up with them to boost our visibility on Google search results and revamp our Facebook ad campaigns. The results have been nothing short of impressive - our ads became more relevant, ad spending decreased, and conversions shot up. What sets Keepers apart is their genuine commitment to our objectives and their unwavering focus on delivering tangible results. Kudos to Keepers Digital Marketing for their exceptional work!
Наталія Пода
Наталія Пода
Keepers Digital Marketing has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. As a PPC marketing agency that specializes in Google and Facebook Ads, they've brought a level of expertise that's hard to find elsewhere. Right from the start, Keepers showcased their deep understanding of our industry and target audience, enabling them to create highly targeted ad campaigns. Their team of PPC experts excels in campaign setup, optimization, and data analysis. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations - an expanded customer base and improved profitability. We're thrilled to have discovered Keepers Digital Marketing and are eagerly anticipating a long-term partnership. They are an exceptional team of professionals with a specialization in Google and Facebook Ads!
brent jensen
brent jensen
Sean and Keepers digital helped us achieve out best month ever from google ads, I’d strongly recommend working with them as a PPC marketing agency. Sean provided an audit of one of our largest PPC and SEM channels: Google ads. Sean worked quickly and provided a comprehensive tear down of our account. Even though we had it quite dialled in, Sean was able to identify and suggest actions that could improve performance. Sean’s suggestions delivered.
Sasil Handmade
Sasil Handmade
Sean has been very helpful explaining to me varios options for marketing my brand digitally. He spend fare amount of time free of charge educating me and answering my questions and also advice me as how to improve my websit. I highly recommend Sean's digital marketing agency! He is profesional, skilled, honest and kind.
Dani Conroy
Dani Conroy
Working with Keepers Digital has been a great experience. The team was informative, efficient and produced tangible results for our business. Thank you for your help everyone!
Greg Lindsay
Greg Lindsay
It's been a pleasure from the start to work with Nazar and Sean. They have a passion for seeing your business grow. They are completely transparent, share all the data, provide regular updates and respond to any questions right away. My business had worked with another adwords provider briefly before Keepers Digital and it was a nightmare. From the moment we met with Sean we knew he shared our passion to see the business grow. He and his team are experts at what they do. If you want to work with a team who make the process a complete pleasure then call Keepers Digital.
Sam Cross
Sam Cross
Naz is killing it with our PPC. I would definitely recommend them for managing Google ads.!
Greg Simmonds
Greg Simmonds
I need to take a moment to acknowledge the generosity of Sean and Keepers Digital Marketing. Although they were not able to take on any new clients when I approached them, Sean, on two occasions, took the time to write and create a short video to assist me with finding the right person for my Google Ad campaign and provide me with valuable points to consider. That was huge and above and beyond the call. If you have a chance to use their services, I'd suggest there is expertise and an ethical depth here that seems harder and harder to find these days
Chris DeVries
Chris DeVries
Sean really helped me tighten my online Ads. Really appreciate his expertise and feel like I'm on the right track now!
Gaurav Bhasin
Gaurav Bhasin
Sean & team were very professional, the execution was very thorough. Would definitely recommend using there services.


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2023 Report & Case Studies

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Software & Web Development Firm

In under 3 months, we were able to scale qualified high-ticket leads from 3-7 a month up to 15-25 qualified leads each month. This 4x lift in lead flow resulted in a ROAS lift that now has the client focusing on Google Ads as their main channel of acquisiton. 

google ads performance marketing agency case study

B2C Saas Technology Startup

This client came to us in the summer of 2021 with a team of only 2 founders and the goal of generating free users for their Saas product in order to seek investment within 12 months time. We have been able to achieve a cost-per-user that is 75% better than their initial target. This massive success has them negotiating large investment opportunities in only 4 months of working with our team. We are also now generating paid users for their advanced tool at a profitable return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

Google ads agency for saas and startups

Environmental Nonprofit Organization

Over the course of several years, we have helped this nonprofit organization spend over $571,000 of free advertising money through the Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits program. This free advertising money has helped the website receive over 350k visitors to their website, increasing donations and awareness exponentially. 

Google Ads agency for nonprofits - ad grants program

California Based HVAC Corporation

Prior to working with us, this client did not have accurate ROI/success tracking in place for their website and advertising campaigns, leading to poor performance and wasted budget. After 2 months of working with us they were receiving consistent leads that were converting into sales at a return-on-ad-spend of 4:1. Within the next few months up until Nov 2022, the conversion rate improved 4x and the returns rose from 4:1 all the way to 10:1.

This graph shows the dramatic lift in leads generated over a 1 year time period.

hvac home services google ads management case study
Google Ads digital marketing case studies for HVAC and home services

Corporate Training & Wellness Business

After roughly 6-8 months of SEO optimizations to help this client lift their relevant web traffic for the foreseeable future and beyond, we were able to more than 20x their websites organic web traffic. This has lifted their lead flow by over 7x and now provides them with nearly 300 website visitors on a daily basis, up from the 15 users per day they previously received. We continue to provide search engine optimization services to this client, who is seeing more growth in web traffic with each passing quarter.

search engine optimization agency canada success story

Financial Services Client

During our 3 month Google Ads campaign testing period, we were able to successfully drive over 250 qualified leads for our client with an ad spend of roughly $14k. This resulted in them signing deals with enough financing clients for a 6:1 return-on-investment, which includes the cost of our management fee.

Google ads success story for lending, mortgage and financial business

Household Services Business

Our clients booking rate has been growing since the day we first took over their account. Since that time, we have see the cost per booking reduce by roughly 90%, leading to improved efficiency on their advertising efforts of about 10x. This 10x improvement in their Google Ads account is resulting in business growth, and new employees joining their team with each passing month since the day our relationship with them started. 

google ads and search engine optimization consulting agency for USA and Canada

eCommerce Goods Client

Since working with this client we have helped them scale their ad spend  by over 75%, allowing for revenue growth of 60-75% depending on the month. Prior to working with us, this client could not spend any more money without seeing their sales efficiency also take a dramatic reduction. We helped them scale spend with sustained efficiency, resulting in more money made.

google ads for ecommerce agency

Local Clinic Small Business

This small local clinic came to us seeking relief from the pain of investing into advertising that never provided them with any kind of measurable results for years on end. By showing ads directly to people searching online for the exact services they provide in their local city, we were successfully able to drive measurable and profitable leads for them right from day 1. This client is currently receiving 30-35 leads a month, leading to 15+ new customers a month. With a lifetime value per customer of $500 or more this campaign is generated a return-on-ad-spend of 5:1 up to 7:1. 

google ads digital marketing for clinic business canada and usa

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